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Till VR Owl lands in Bonn

We are spreading our wings and landing in Bonn on the 8th of November.

We believe very strongly in collaboration with like-minded companies. It has been inspiring, fun and vital to our success in The Netherlands. That’s why we like to continue our flight in the wonderful world of VR & AR. With some great companies on our side.



Please come and meet the new Bird in Bonn on the 8th of november. We guarantee an evening awesome VR & AR and good old Dutch ‘gezelligheid’. Meet us at the Deutsche Telekom HQ. You can get a free ticket here with the code “VROWL’. Expect brands, startups and of course a lot of VR & AR!


We look forward to welcoming you.

Marco Janmaat,
Founder / CEO, VR Owl

If you can’t attend but would like to get in touch, feel free to contact us!

What: Get Real With Virtual Reality

When: 8 November @ 19.00


Who: VR Owl & Other VR Startups.

Free ticket here with the code “VROWL’ >

What to expect?

Try and beat the high score in our simulator!


VR Dining Games
Compete with others in our VR Dining Games.


Meet our team and other Bonn companies.